MENPORA Kukuhkan 320 Kader Pemuda Anti Narkoba Di Jawa Timur

Program Pemuda Anti Narkoba menjadi salah satu program unggulan kepemudaan di tahun 2016. Saat ini mitra yang digandeng untuk bersinergi dalam pelaksanaan program ini adalah BNN (Badan Narkotika Nasional). Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga, Imam Nahrawi mengukuhkan 320 Kader Pemuda Anti Narkoba yang berasal dari 13 Kabupaten di wilayah Jawa Timur di Gedung Negara, Grahadi, Surabaya.

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Dalam pengukuhan Kader Pemuda Anti Narkoba yang juga dihadiri oleh Wakil Gubernur Jawa Timur, Baca lebih lanjut


Math Illusion

Math Ilusion is math games with the subject’s eyes, that makes a person think more for logic. . Here is an example of the illusion of mathematics:

In Indonesian
” Apakah Rodanya  berputar?”

In English
“Are the wheels spinning?” Baca lebih lanjut

10 geniuses in the world

10 The Genius of the world is Still Alive

Who does not want smart? everyone would want smart, but unfortunately the capacity of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) owned is not always satisfactory. Yes, IQ is one of the main yardstick to judge a person’s intelligence. In other words, the high IQ indicates cleverness owned.

In the world there are some figures that are considered the most intelligent due to have an IQ above average. But not all of them are still alive today. Well here are the top 10 most intelligent iQ highest rate recorded is still alive to this day, as reported by Geeks Are Sexy.

1. Stephen W. Hawking (70)

Major Stephen Hawking may be one of the most known smart people on earth. Thanks to the various theories about the universe, he gained recognition, not only from the scientific community, but also government officials. So do not be surprised if later she received many awards. A total of 14 awards won during his lifetime. However, behind the intelligence possessed, Stephen Hawking must accept the fact that he suffers from a disease that made his whole body was paralyzed, including the sense of sound. Stephen Hawking IQ officially recorded is 160. Baca lebih lanjut